Cheese For Friends!


I started making “Quark” cheese a few weeks ago which is basically Chèvre, only it’s made with cow’s milk instead of goat’s milk.  I’d rather experiment with goat’s milk because, well GOATS!

…but the only goat’s milk available here in the stores is Ultra-pasteurized which DOES NOT create any cheese, as I found out in my first failed experiment.  Plus, it’s really expensive.



But soon after, the natural foods store I work at lossed out some gallons of cow’s milk, so I thought I’d try that… it was free, after all.


Then, more got lossed out.  And more.  Soon, my refrigerator was flooded with containers of cheese!  And I’d love to eat it all, but my metabolism isn’t what it used to be…  So, “Cheese for Friends” was created!


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